Thursday, July 2, 2009


Instead of updating my facebook status every fifteen minutes, I have decided to accumulate all status-related thoughts I had in one day in one simple list... yes I need to get out more...

Alison wants someone to go on holiday with

Alison wonders if every white person in the world is born on a Sunday, what white midwives do for the rest of the week

Alison wants a ‘magic leaf’ in her pocket

Alison is a bit disturbed that half of Kumasi seem to know her name

Alison is looking for a small boy with a long tape

Alison is no one’s wife

Alison wonders why Ghana gets spoilt when it rains

Alison is wondering why out of 16 channels three so often show the same thing

Alison thinks CNN is a bit backward

Alison thinks Ghanaian onions have the strongest smell in the world

Alison just found some indescribable goo in the middle of one of her onions

Alison likes chatting to friends from home

Alison didn’t know you could burn lentils

Alison still needs to pack

Alison thinks burnt lentils just adds to the flavour

Alison still wants someone to go on holiday with

Alison didn’t pack.


Em said...
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Em said...

Love it!! But how many facebook status' are appropriate for one day??? I have had 5 already today?? Houston we have a problem!! lol!

Em said...

My turn!!

Emma's sunburn hurts ;-(

Emma has found some after sun... bliss!

Emma is off to the Trafford centre.

Emma is wondering how she managed to double book.

Emma is wondering if Alison realises how many people have been involved in getting this address.

Emma is wondering if ginger is catching.

Emma can't believe the news.....Its true live for the moment!

Emma is finding the waiter extremely irritating!

Emma is wondering why her legs like fake tanned?

Emma thinks tampon face is a twat!

Emma hopes know one mentions the wedding!

Emma is wondering how she is now roped into going to another wedding!

Emma hates make up counter ladies......Why are they all so pretty?

Emma is wondering if the wedding ring lady thinks we are lesbians?.....quick mention her fiancée ...Often!

Emma is wondering why this bottle of after sun says it is fan tan in very small letters!

Emma loves blogging....just hope people think there funny.

Emma is a facebook addict.

Emma is off to the cinema.

Emma is painting her nails don't they look pretty!

Emma is wonderig if pink is her colour!