Friday, May 30, 2008

Things I shouldn't do in England...

Inspired by my Canadian friends Leanne and Heather, who have written three lists on their facebook page; “Things we miss about Canada”, “Things we have become accustomed to in Ghana”, and “Things we will miss about Ghana”, I was thinking of all the things I am used to but really must stop doing when I come home… …feel free to comment…!

Pressing abnormally hard on the middle finger when pulling out of a handshake in order to do the customary ‘click’

Speaking in a variety of ‘ah-haas’, ‘eh-haas’, ‘eh-heeehs’, etc., The meaning is all in the tone…

Asking people to ‘flash’ me… (missed-call or one-bell…)

Expecting to have things carried for me if they are bigger than a small Tupperware

Driving a left-hand drive on the right

Using the horn instead of brakes/ indicators/ mirrors

Using the horn instead of everyone else’s brakes/indicators/mirrors

Calling random women at shops ‘mammy’

Referring to a ‘little’ as ‘smaaaaaaall’ or ‘small small’

Getting genuinely excited when I see cake and coffee

On being asked ‘how are you?’ replying ‘fiiiihn’ with an almost inaudible ‘n’.

Waking up at HALF 5 EVERY MORNING!!!

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