Saturday, March 1, 2008

Unwritten Rules

A story from a few weeks ago...

I had to giggle today at this weird Ghanaian Hierarchy. We went shopping, my driver and I, for a few bits for the houses. It seems I am not allowed to carry Anything; once or twice if I've snarled enough and Glared at the person trying to take things off me, I have been Permitted to carry a small plastic bag with a couple of toothbrushes in it. It seems, however, that my driver can carry nothing more than about the size of an ironing board, and we have to find (and pay for) a labourer to carry the mattress I had bought (who slung it on his head and proceeded to take out everyone within a 4 foot radius of himself in comedy slapstick style).

Why I couldn't have carried the ironing board, Duku the mattress and saved the 15 minute wait for labourer (and 1 Ghana cedi although that equates to about 50p its hardly a problem), I Do Not Know.

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